The Best Way To Train Chickens To Be Aggressive


The Best Way To Train Chickens To Be Aggressive – We all know that a rooster is a type of rooster. Every rooster can be a reliable fighting cock. But this certainly must be supported by the training of these chickens. Therefore, fighting cocks that are fought in the live cockfighting game s128 are fighting cocks that have good fighting techniques and are also aggressive.

Currently we will review for you how to care for roosters to become aggressive fighting cocks. For those of you who want your fighting cocks to become aggressive fighting cocks, it’s a good idea to follow the steps we have provided below. This is how senior fighting cocks take care of fighting cocks into quality fighting cocks:

How to take care of fighting chickens to be aggressive:

Fighting Chicken in the Dry

Surely it is something that must be known by many fighting chicken lovers to dry the Bangkok cock fighting in the morning. drying time around 8-10 am and should not be mixed with other chickens, let alone hens. the age of Bangkok chickens ready to be trained by drying is around eight to nine months. The benefits of drying fighting chickens are aimed at training the chicken’s breathing. when dried in the sun the work of the heart is more perfect, and the body becomes slim and full. But before drying the Bangkok chicken, it needs to be bathed first. After being bathed, the Bangkok chicken will try to dry itself by releasing water evaporation energy.

Practicing the Dangling Movement

The next step you have to do after breathing exercises, Bangkok chickens need to be given movement exercises, but for the initial stage it is still limited to wing and leg movements. This exercise will train leg and wing strength and also improve breathing exercises in the fighting cock. For how to Train this fighting cock, hold the base of the tail, then lift the chicken high, so that its head hangs down. In this way, the Bangkok chicken will flap its wings and struggle to move its legs. let this happen a minute or two, then lower it down and let it rest for a moment

Swimming Exercises

Then you can do training on the fighting cocks with swimming training. This swimming exercise aims to strengthen the muscles of his body. When the chicken is put into the water the chicken will be forced to flap its wings and kick its legs and move the whole body so it doesn’t sink. This strenuous exercise forces the muscles of the body to work hard, so that the Bangkok chicken’s body becomes strong and trained. This swimming exercise at first can be twice a week with a time of 2 3 minutes then the frequency can be increased.

Practice Jump

When a rooster is fighting, jumping is an important thing to train its strength. if not trained, the rooster will fall easily when fighting and not nimble when avoiding opponent attacks. How to practice jumping on a Bangkok chicken is done by perfecting the position of a horse for a chicken, by throwing it up in the free air. At first we support the chicken’s butt with the left palm that is wide open, then the right hand is also necessary. wide opened and stretched to support the cache section. after that the chicken is lifted and thrown up at the same time. When throwing, the right hand (the cache part) must get a harder push, so that the position of the chicken will be lifted as if it were about to hit the opponent, namely the leg is lifted up.

Running Practice

The way to train the Bangkok Fighting Chicken by running is by holding the other champion, while our champion is left free on the ground. then we jogged while fishing so that the champion chased the opponent. but don’t let him peck the rooster that we are holding.

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