Characteristics of Chicken That Are Very Ready to Compete


Characteristics of Chicken That Are Very Ready to Compete – For people who are professionals and have a lot of experience, of course choosing chickens is not a difficult thing and it doesn’t take that long. Through the experience of people who are experts, of course a bettor will also have the same experience in choosing quality chickens. Try to take your time to read the following article.

How to Choose Quality Chicken

Chicken Head Shape

The first characteristic that must be possessed by a chicken must be seen from the shape of its head. A quality chicken will have a head that is not large, and the shape of the head will be similar to an areca tree.

Because the head shape is able to nimbly avoid opponents. Not only that, pay attention to the eyes that will protrude inward. So that it will be difficult to reach by the opponent.

Chicken Wing Shape

Apart from being seen from the shape of its head, a chicken that has good quality can be seen from the shape of its chicken wings. Then how about quality chicken? Namely in terms of wings it has dense feathers, and there is also a white feather.

The function of the dense book is to carry out attacks or commonly known as attacks carried out in the air perfectly. So that the chicken you have will be easier to knock out the opponent’s chicken.

Pay attention to the shape of the black neck

The third characteristic that must be possessed by a chicken is by paying attention to the shape of the chicken neck. A fighting cock that will clearly beat your opponent is that it has a neck shape of the letter “r” perfectly.

With a shape like that it will make the opponent find it difficult to knock it down. It is different from the shape of the chicken neck which has the shape of the number 2. Because the shape of the chicken neck is more protruding forward, it will make it easier for the opponent’s chicken to hit the neck of your chicken and in the form of number 2.

Shape On Chicken Feet

Now the fourth one, you also have to be careful in paying attention to the shape of your bet’s chicken feet. The reason is that the type of chicken is qualified and can win the game of cockfighting, which has chicken feet in the shape of a baseball bat.

When viewed from the front it will look very slender, on the contrary, when viewed from the side, the chicken legs will be stocky.

Because the shape of the legs like this will make it easier to provide accurate and powerful attacks so that your opponent’s chicken will immediately lose.

That is about the characteristics of a chicken in an online cockfighting game. May be useful.

The Best Strategy on How to Win Online Cockfighting Gambling


The Best Strategy on How to Win Online Cockfighting Gambling – The online cockfighting gambling game is certainly very fun for you to play. Moreover, the presence of online gambling sites that facilitate various betting activities. Surely you can play more freely and no longer have to worry about the risk of police operations.

Winning cockfighting betting bets at online gambling agents cannot rely on luck and feeling alone. You have to have a lot of the best strategies in order to win easily. One of the most basic strategies in online cockfighting gambling games is to join the best online betting betting agents. At this agent, you can play freely and comfortably without the need to be afraid of the risk of loss.

The Best Online Gambling Agent Cockfighting Bet Types

While playing cockfighting at the best online gambling agent, you will get betting options, in addition to choosing Wala and Meron. These betting options, such as BDD and BDD. For an explanation, you can see our review as follows.

  • Place a Meron / Banker Odds (Red) 0.83 bet is a decision to choose the chicken that is in first position (A). If you place a bet with a capital of 100,000, the calculation is 100,000 × 0.83 = 83,000.
  • Place a Wala / Player (Blue) Odds bet of 0.93, then you place a bet on the second chicken (B). If you put a bet for Wala, the calculation is 100.00 × 0.93 = 93,000 thousand.
  • Place a BDD (Both Death Draw) Odds bet means you predict the result of the fight of two chickens that both die before the end of the 10 minute fight time. If you choose the Meron or Wala bet type, the bet will be returned with a few percent discount. However, if you predict that the bet will end in a draw with two dead chickens, the odds are 1: 8. Suppose you put 100,000 in capital, the profit is multiplied by 8 = 800,000.
  • Place a bet for FTD (Full Time Draw) Odds is a draw that is more than the specified time limit with the condition that two chickens are still alive. If you choose the bet for Meron and Wala, it will be declared a loss. However, when you predict that the fight will end in a draw like this bet type, you will get a big profit because the odds are 1:20. If you put 100,000 in capital, the results you get are 2,000,000.

Four Strategies to Win Online Cockfighting Bets

After paying attention to the types of bets you can choose, the next step is to find the best strategy to win online cockfighting bets. You don’t need to worry because we have written it, as follows.

  • Pay attention to the physical condition of the chicken that will fight. Note starting from the physical shape, weight, height, and neck length.
  • Before placing a bet, we recommend choosing a chicken with strong legs, long breathability, high jumps, and a long hammer. Chickens with such conditions have a greater chance of winning.
  • During placing online cockfighting betting bets, you should not be easily tempted by big odds. You need to remember that big odds have a small chance of winning. We recommend that you
  • choose the Wala and Maron bet types, even though the odds are small, the odds are still easier.

Pay attention to the history menu in the best cockfighting gambling agents. In the menu you can see a flashback of the two cocks fighting.

With the above reviews we think you have a greater desire to win. Hopefully with this review you can play better at a trusted online gambling agent. Good luck and hopefully you win the cockfighting online.